It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated here. Sorry about that. I’ve been super slammed with seminars and everything that is growing with 10/20. Fun stuff but it’s hard to get everything done each day. It seems like something always gets overlooked!

Training is on point and except for the upcoming squat sessions – I have hit pretty much all I need to for the meet. I still need another 1-2 good squat sessions to dial it all in but the bench and dead are well ahead of my last training cycle.

To put in perspective – my best pull off the floor last cycle was 725, and I pulled 770 at the meet on a third. So far at 5 week out, I pulled a smooth 765 so it’s a good indicator that I’m on track.

Bench – my best half board last cycle was a 785 and 805 already went faster. I ended with a 780 bench and had more in me. So, I’m on track for 242PRs no doubt.

I also have a few upcoming seminars with some of my team giving a hand – 1. in 2 weeks in Santa Barbara, CA – Feb 21 & 22 and 2. March 15 in Detroit, Michigan. If you want any info on these events, please contact me here:

Both events will be top of the line! I hope to see some of you there! 10896337_10205950870030633_8893482797286619484_o

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Just got back from Wisconsin Seminar at Madtown Fitness in Madison, WI. It was a very cool experience with a great group of people!

I learned a few things myself and enjoyed tag-teaming with Paul as some of the lectures we went back and forth and taught together.

I’ll do a more in-depth review in a day or two, but I’ve been settled back in for a few days now but still playing catchup.

HUGE thanks to Paul and Dan Pasholk for setting this up and making it happen.

My training is going well right now. I’m 3 weeks in and have met every expectation I’ve set for myself so far. That doesn’t mean I’m ‘happy’ but I’m satisfied for right now.

The next couple of weeks will be huge for momentum and confidence moving forward. If there is one thing that you can’t teach but only teach TO build – confidence. I can teach people to how become confident – by building positive momentum in training, not missing lifts etc. I think this is most important in training.

I’m still feeling a tad under the weather from being sick a few weeks ago with a chest thing/pneumonia crap. I pushed through the training at the time and I’m still undecided if that was my best move at the time.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be working over 1000 on the squat, 700 on the bench and dead.

Wish me luck!

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On my way back to JAX from WV for Christmas. I totally ate like a moron all weekend and I’m sure I’m heavier than a Hippo. I’m interested to see how bad the scale screams when I hop on it.

I was hovering at 260 before I left, so I’m guessing 267+. Just water though and by mid week I’ll be back down, I’m sure!

I wrapped up offseason last saturday and will be starting precontest training next weekend and getting back in the gear!

Everything went well and I feel as close to 100% as possible. Productive offseason and very happy with how everything went.

My goals are clear and for the taking. I want to hit what I missed at the last RPS meet in october. I was one lift away from the world record squat and total at 242 (1145 squat and 2695 total, respectively) but I didn’t execute. No excuses.

My #1 goal is to lift within my means meet day, win my class and win the overall in the heavy weight, then if things go my way, the total record. Hell, I might not even attempt the squat record to ensure getting 3 squats in and being competitive.

Make sure to check out my log here: as I move toward some heavy training over the next month.

Any questions? send them over.

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Everything is going to plan. Bodyweight is down under 260 and body feels better than it has in years. 33yrs old and better than I felt 5 years ago at 28.

I’ll be starting my precontest training in a week from Saturday. It will be about 8 weeks of hard training with some deloads and lighter weeks mixed in.

The XPC is shaping up to be a very good meet as it always is with some top lifters in the world on the roster. If you’re qualified and considering going, GO! The new location is really growing (fair grounds) with a whole young adult expo and many other things that the Arnold weekend is expanding with. If you are interested contact Danny Dague, or hit the blue button below and I’ll pass on your message to him.

Back to this training cycle leading to the Arnold: I will be traveling more than a few times during cycle, but I will be making the most of my time and making sure to come in undertrained if anything, but healthy, fresh and ready to go!

Thanks to my samson and teammates, my sponsors Rudy Rosales/Overkill,Game Plan Nutrition and all of my friends and family who support what I do and what I’m trying to achieve both on and off the platform.

Special thanks to my Wife, Ria. She really puts up with me and doesn’t ask much at all from me.

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Back and settled in for a few weeks! I head out in a bit for Xmas but will be here pretty much for the next month.

Body weight is settled at 257.5 this am which is good for me. I want to be under 260 as I train for the XPC Arnold.

Powerrackstrength is updated, improved and now LIVE. Granted, some issues with it here and there, but make sure to check it out and let us know how you feel about it. Also, dont forget to check out the copious training logs added.

I had the great pleasure of going in to get my oil changed yesterday. Unless you live on the moon, you are aware of how crooked these places are for the most part. The car dealerships are typically your best bet but the “fast Lube” type place is usually a tiring and irritating ordeal for most.

I don’t always have the time to make it in to the dealer so when I go, I’m very clear about what I want even though they try to sell you everything but the kitchen sink. Even in the past with a car that had less than 30k miles, always bullshitting you about what you should be doing. Every once in a while, you get one that actually listens to what you say and wont TRY to make their ticket quota on YOU. ‘Sir, you should consider using synthetic…’ OH REALLY? The people who BUILT this FOOKING car suggest using regular – as the engine ‘likes’ standard, not to mention you SHOULD stay with ONE type of oil and not deviate on a whim, Mr. Mechanic. I’m very sorry that you don’t make any money on a regular oil change and want me to get my brakes, air conditioning serviced and then flush my radiator… and wiper blades replace as they are ‘slightly dry’… Nah, pass….

Along the same lines; RENTING A CAR is a much worse experience in some cases. ‘Sir, what type of coverage will you be getting for you car because insert scare tactic/lie here _________________. After you decline, next attempt they make – try to make you feel crappy for not getting their protection and make sure you know you’re risking everything.

What they wont tell you: in most cases AAA, your credit card and YOUR INSURANCE will PROTECT YOU.

I hate hate hate both, and cringe as I hear the bullshit sales pitch as they look at you and lie. Drives me crazy.

I feel similar to buying a car, but I’ll share a story on that soon. I’ve actually had some really cool experiences the last few times.

I needed to say this. Thanks!

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I’ll let you read about Paltos weight cut, meet and results HERE, but the meet went great. Scott hasn’t been on the platform in 13 years and did a hell of a job.

I had fun seeing some old friends and making some new ones too at the RPS meet in PA. It was a HUGE meet with about 155 lifters between 2 days.

The weather there was cold as shit and rainy – pretty much like Michigan was last weekend. I’m now back in FL and in my office with 60F BEAUTIFUL weather outside…Well, at least for a couple weeks and then some traveling for a bit.

By bodyweight fell down to 261 as I checked it at 1pm. It got as high as 273 last week, so that’s a good thing. I didn’t feel like eating much this weekend, so I didn’t. I’m now back on track and will make sure i’m eating what I should.

I’m guessing my weight will stabilize around 263 and then I’ll lean down over the next few weeks under 260 where i’ll stay for the XPC.

Congrats again to Scott. Dana, it was a pleasure meeting you and the young ones.

PS – I don’t hate all kids. I like to play up the hardass image. I do NOT like wild kids. I do happen to like a few on rare occasions!

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Now that is about ready to relaunch, I’m going to have a little bit more free time. With that said, I’m willing to take about 5 more clients for diet, training, supplementation, coaching or all the above.

Also, a few of my coaches, Daniel Dalenberg and Jonathan Byrd are also going to pick up a few clients.

If you are interested in working with one of us, shoot me an email: Please put in the subject: “Potential Client”, so when I look through my spam box it’s easy to spot in case it ends up there.

I’ve been working on some condensed training for those who are very limited on time that consists of something like this:
Day 1: Squat/bench/dead
Day 2: Bench assistance
Day 3: Squat/dead assistance

I’ve many clients do this with great success in both precontest and offseason. I’m actually doing the offseason for the second time and I LOVE doing all 3 on the same day. It allows me to get so much more assistance in during the week.

Contact me if you’re interested in some custom to your needs as I’ve got many different ways to go about programming for the craziest to easiest of schedules.

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For those that aren’t aware, (formerly powerrackmedia) was bob’s site (not mine) with the purpose of having an online ebook rack where many of bob’s projects would be sold along with some supporting content to go with the different products. Some of my books would be sold here as well.

When Bob passed in May, I chose to take the site in a mildly different direction; still sell ebooks but also build a team (which I pretty much already had, just not officially) and provide content and have training logs, more articles and eventually a Q&A section and more.

Fast forward a few months, and we are about to roll out a brand new look with all the things I’ve wanted from the start and much more user friendly for the visitor as the original platform was NOT designed to do the things I was doing, nor was it going to work for the future plans.

With that said, we will be making the new version live very soon with all NEW content every week, Q&A section, 12 new training logs, merchandise for sale, seminar schedule and MUCH more.

Be on the lookout for a crap load of new stuff and great content from many new contributors.

Thank you for you patience as this has been a process but WELL worth it.

Special thanks to Matt B and Kent M that have been a HUGE help to me and PRS. Thank you also to my team and wife Ria.

PS: if you are interested in Joining the team sometime next year, I’ll be adding about 7 more logs to the team – so email me and we can talk: briancarroll.lmt@gmailcom.

Thanks for all of the support and the BEST is yet to come!

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But, the good news is: Scott Made weight EASY. Scott came down from about 260-263 and made 241 VERY easily. I had him eating all day and still drinking much like Marc Tejero’s weight cut for wpc worlds.

Marc recently confessed that he considered not eating and drinking (per my advice) but figured he’d just blame me if he didn’t make it — totally fair, actually. Well, he ended up even lighter than he was before eating and drinking. Neither scott nor marc had to sweat ANY to make their class. Which is as good thing.

Shameless plug for 10/20/Life and Cutting weight: I offer money back guarantees if you are not happy with your purchase – that’s how I stand by them. I truly believe that they are the best on the market. You can either click the hyper link in this paragraph, or you can click the banner above.

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT…. PRS is provide immediately digestible content and information to help ANYONE become stronger, more technically savvy and most importantly – BETTER; no matter what the end goal is. And, with the team I’m building, I 100% believe I’m well on my way to achieving this with people like Marc, Scott and the rest of the bunch.

I’m very much looking forward to helping Scott with his lifting tomorrow and seeing him achieve his goals. Scott has been a great friend and someone that my life is better for knowing. Make sure you read Scotts log HERE to see how his meet went.

With that said, I miss my home gym and can’t wait to crank training back up next week with Team Samson.


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I’m heading over to the very safe and clean city of Newark, NJ for an RPS meet that my buddy Scott Paltos is competing in. Scott and I became friends via Bob earlier this year in April. Bob, Scott and myself all planned a get-together for the middle of june so we could talk bizz, and brainstorm.

Well, as most of you know that Bob passed away on 5/3/14 so needless to say Scott and I still met up and since, have been really good friends, and now even working on business projects and seminars.

It’s pretty cool if you think about how you met your best friends and what the chances are that you’d actually become really good friends with someone that lives 1000 miles away or more.

I’ve said this many times; I have met just about ALL of my best friends in powerlifting, either through it or some connection via powerlifting.

On a random note: I’m sitting here at JAX waiting to fly out and I suddenly realize that I now only leave my house to: walk, go to the airport and to go train at adams. Maybe the post office at times too, church and food.

The new z06 vette’s are now being delivered. While I don’t like the idea of ever purchasing an 80K+ sports car, this is a lot of car for 80K as it’s basically the zr1 for 40K cheaper and a better bodystyle.

It’s a borderline DB car, but man is that thing sweet.

I’m not sure which color scheme I’m going to go with. Yet. Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-10


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