BW squat
Rolling plank

Objective for the day: Work up a little bit raw, continue to adjust and break in my new Overkill shirt in preparation for the 2 bench Meets I have coming up. I’m slowly ramping it up over the next few weeks in order to peak just right.

515×1 – 3bd
Overkill shirt
605×3 – 3bd
705×2 – 2bd
755×2 – 2bd

Incline DB press: 3×20
Band fly: 3×20
Bench dip: 3×20
Rope press-down: 3×15
Mcgills: few

How things went: Things went according to plan, except for the shirt being a little bit big. I’m going to get it adjusted a touch, and bring the chest plate, arms and shoulders in a little.

I’m happy with how everything is progressing, especially considering the torn triceps and pec from last fall. I had some serious doubts that I’d ever be able to bench anything decent, again.

I’m hoping to open with a PR at both meets, especially now that I’m in a more heavy duty bench shirt, but it will take some time to learn the groove and dial it in.

I’m optimistic!

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Normal Warm-up ie Birddogs, carries and such

Objective for the day: Work on weak points and attack them for the squat and deadlift. It will be key in taking my lifts to the next level.

Mcgill pull-up: doubles – 10 sets, close and wide
Barbell row: 225×6 – 3 sets
Sumo shrugs: 315×10 – 3 sets
KB swing: 3×10
BW squat: 3×20
Band fly: 3×20
Hammer curl: 3×15
Band Ham curl: 3×20

How things went: Well. This day doesn’t look like much on paper, but we move at a very fast pace and it serves its purpose. I had a very busy week last week, so I ended up skipping last Saturdays session as we went to see Joe Rogans Stand-up. I HIGHLY suggest it. He’s a super cool guy, with a refreshing outlook on life. And, hes hilarious. GO SEE HIM!!

I’m really looking forward to turning it up over the next few weeks!

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1. Equipped lifting and 10/20
2. Diet
3. When should one consider getting into equipment

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Update on book, services and Upcoming meets.

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1. Nutrition
2. Offseason training
3. Why the 10/20/Life system is superior

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Normal warm-up and such
Birddogs and suit case carry
BW squat

Objective: Work in the shirt to get used to the pressure again, and work some weights close to 700. With the meet about 7 weeks away, this will allow plenty of time to adjust.

Added shirt
500×3 -3bd
600×3 – 3bd
675×3 – 2bd/3bd

Bench Dip: 3×15
Band fly: 3×20
Band Skull: 3×20
Mcgill Crunch: 10×10 sec hold

How things went: Everything went according to plan. All the weights felt light in my hands and I’m looking forward to this training cycle as I work the squat and dead raw, and work on building a bigger bench. Offseason is so important and I HIGHLY suggest that you incorporate one, when possible.

Thanks for reading!

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Normal warm-up
Heat Cream
Suitcase carry
Birddogs, Rolling plank and BW squat

Goal of today: Starting week 1 of a 7-8 week training cycle for APF seniors, bench only. I’m going to take advantage of this offseason and really build the foundation up that I was not able to last year, due to rehab. That means a lot of raw lifting, as I outline in 10/20/Life. No plans for a full meet for a while.

Raw Squat: Top set of 3, then a single at an RPE of 6
Raw Dead: Form pulls
Mcgill big 3: This is a given
Rolling plank with side bridge
Mcgill curl-up

Like I explained above, I’ll be working raw on the squat and dead for a while to main some muscle that I lost due to taking time off last year. In the meantime, I’ll be really working on building up my equipped bench.

Get your copy of 10/20/Life now. You will not find a better book to have in your library, top to bottom concerning strength training.

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Normal warm-up

KB swing: 3×10
Mcgill pull-up: 12 singles, minimal rest
Hammer curl: 3×10
Lat pull-down: 3×12
BW squat: 3×25
Mcgill big 3: lots!

Finally, starting to feel human again. I got pretty beat up running all 3 lifts on the same day. I will not move back to the former split, as I do a couple bench only competitions; Squat/DL – Saturday, Bench on Monday, Sqt/DL assistance on Wednesday and Fluff and Buff on Thursday.

Looking forward to getting back in the shirt on Monday and moving forward.

More details to come, soon!

Thanks for the support!

My 10/20/Life book is now live at 1020lifebook.com

Also, a crap load of content at powerrackmedia.com

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I have not updated this website in some time. I apologize and will be doing so very soon. I have recently released my new ebook “10/20/Life” — it covers everything strength, from top to bottom. It is on now on sale at 1020lifebook.com and will be linked here shortly.

Stay tuned for much more to come.


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